If your library has any publishing activities and you are not yet represented in the Library Publishing Directory, I encourage you to fill out the questionnaire. The Directory is an important resource, both as a reference tool for library publishers and service providers, and as a way for us as a community to understand trends and needs. It takes a little while to fill out, but it’s worth it.

Does your library publish journals, monographs, conference proceedings, or technical reports? Do you provide hosting and support services for digital humanities projects, data, or ETDs?

Help us to document the range of activities that libraries are undertaking in “publishing” (broadly defined) through their work in scholarly communications, digital humanities, digital sciences, and institutional repositories.

To promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and to raise the visibility of the unique contributions of libraries as “publishers,” the Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) is compiling the fourth edition of our Library Publishing Directory.

To have a profile of your library included in the Directory, please complete our questionnaire at:


The survey will close on August 30.

The questionnaire takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. We recommend previewing the questions before you begin.

The Library Publishing Directory is an important tool for libraries wishing to learn about this emerging field, connect with their peers, and align their practices with those of the broader community. Last year’s edition featured 125 libraries in half a dozen nations. It was downloaded over 400 times.

The Directory is published openly on the web and will include contact information, descriptions, and other key facts about each library’s publishing services. Previous editions (in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and database versions) can be found at http://www.librarypublishing.org/resources/directory.

Please e-mail Sarah Lippincott (sarah@educopia.org) with questions or comments.