It’s that time of year again! The call for proposals for the 2016 Library Publishing Forum is live, so start thinking about what you want to share with your fellow library publishers. The theme for this year is “Aplifying Scholarship: More Choices, More Voices.” I’m not always the biggest fan of conference themes, but I think this is a nice one. It reflects one of the unique values of our community – our role in supporting niche publications and otherwise worthy scholarship that wouldn’t necessarily be of interest to commercial or university press publishers – while being vague enough to not limit proposals unnecessarily. Also, I hear Denton, TX has a good music scene, so there should be plenty of opportunities for puns.  The deadline for submissions is January 15th.

I’m also excited that our opening keynote speaker will be Cheryl Ball. If that name sounds familiar in this space, that’s because she organized last summer’s Access/ibility in Digital Publishing Seminar at West Virginia University, which has inspired a series of accessibility-themed posts here on The Lib Pub. I’m looking forward to hearing what she has to say to the community of library publishers!