hey everyone! sorry i’m so late to the party.

first off, a big thank you to Melanie for getting this up and running. gotta love people who DO things, right?

i work at McGill University Library in Montreal, Quebec (Canadialand) where i’m responsible for scholarly communication, publishing (both old school and non-traditional), digitization, copyright, data initiatives, and digital humanities. it’s a really kickass job. i tend to think of my team as responsible for supporting content creation at the university.

prior to joining libraryland i worked for 14 years in publishing. first newspapers, then magazines, then trade publications, and finally in scholarly publishing running an editorial office. i left publishing to become a librarian, only to find myself back in publishing. (i’m third generation newspaperman – i guess it’s hard to get out of the game if you have, as i have been told, “ink in your veins”.) so i guess i should say that i “worked” in publishing for 14 years. i work in publishing. have since i got my first full-time gig. feels good.

i fundamentally believe that libraries must lead the scholarly publishing revolution, and part of that will involve library-based publishing. (the other parts involve FIGHTING.) (i like fighting.)

rock on.