Thanks to Melanie for getting this started and to Allyson for bringing me on board!

My name is Karen Estlund, and I am the head of the new digital scholarship center at the University of Oregon Libraries.  Our digital scholarship center is so new that we don’t have a center and barely a web presence, but we are offering a plethora of services built on our pre-existing infrastructure and expanded in response to student and faculty needs.  Through this department, I oversee scholarly communication, open access publishing, digital collections, digital preservation, metadata, infrastructure for data management, and support for faculty and student digital scholarship.

We have over 10,700 items in our institutional repository, Scholars’ Bank, and three open access journals available through OJS, which is a collaboration with Oregon State University Libraries. We are also working on a few open monographs, among other experiments.

One of my most exciting projects is the open access journal Ada: a Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology with the Fembot Collective. Ada uses CommentPress for open review and final articles are published on WordPress. Our second issue, the first to use CommentPress, will be released for comment soon! Through Fembot, we publish smaller teachable pieces through Laundry Day and audio book interviews/reviews through Books Aren’t Dead. I have been lucky to work with a great group of feminists from around the world on these endeavors.

I am especially interested in new modes of peer review and providing opportunities for using technologies for new modes of expression. I’m also ever-vigilant about preservation and how to package/archive all this or, then again, what not to archive.

I look forward to some great discussion!